Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nude art.

Tittle:  The lipo-is-culture.
Technique: Oil on canvas.
Size: 70x 110 cmPop art.

Our current culture pigeonhole women into a stereotype of beauty, through media bombardment tv, cinema, internet, calls for professional jobs still require a prototype of female beauty. A  lot of times the society requires incompatible forms with the natural. Plastic surgery, implants and others actions are pseudo-solutions. Lack of self-esteem, depression, discrimination are both cause and consequence as well women who assume this mold as who not, because both are discriminated.

Culture "lipo-is-culture" reduces the concept of woman and body image shape, to mold, making invisible the essence, spiritual strength, merit, effort, right to gender equality and the right to diversity.

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"They in art" exposition. Aires de Córdoba, SPAIN. March-April 2010